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awamo® 360 is a mobile, biometric banking software tailored for microfinance instiutions and SACCOs. awamo® 360 completely digitizes your business with maximum convenience and at minimal cost. You can use any Android® mobile phone or internet-connected PC. Our biometric technology gives you additional security and protects you from fraud.

awamo® 360 is "Software-as-a-Service", which means that frequent data backups, updates, and improvements are automatically available - without any installation or IT requirements at your side.

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awamo´s mission is to empower our customers to take their business to the next level. We want to support the microfinance sector in a way that financial services become available to anyone with less effort and risk for lenders. This generates significant social impact by driving financial inclusion and supporting the development of local micro-economies. We see awamo as the financial platform for Africa's future middle class.

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John Mukasa

"We support awamo as their product shows great potential to overcome most of the problems in the microfinance sector. Therefore we highly recommend considering their solution."

Rebecca Talemwa

"awamo has proven to be a sustainable and honest player in the market of microfinance, continuously striving for improvement of their platform. That’s why we chose to support awamo since 2015."

Dennis Okello

"awamo’s solution shows great potential in terms of making my business much easier. And they listen to my feedback and steadily improve their product, that’s what I like a lot."

Josephine Namutebi

"For me, awamo has improved my business operations a lot. Enrolling clients is so easy now and it has never been possible to know who a client really is – which now is possible thanks to awamo’s biometric solution."

Lawrence Agaba

"First, awamo is very easy to use. Second, these guys are always around so I can get support quickly. Third, while the platform may not be perfect yet, they are always working on improvements."