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awamo® 360 is a mobile, biometric banking software tailored for microfinance instiutions and SACCOs. awamo® 360 completely digitizes your business with maximum convenience and at minimal cost. You can use any Android® mobile phone or internet-connected PC. Our biometric technology gives you additional security and protects you from fraud.

awamo® 360 is "Software-as-a-Service", which means that frequent data backups, updates, and improvements are automatically available - without any installation or IT requirements at your side.

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awamo´s mission is to empower our customers to take their business to the next level. We want to support the microfinance sector in a way that financial services become available to anyone with less effort and risk for lenders. This generates significant social impact by driving financial inclusion and supporting the development of local micro-economies. We see awamo as the financial platform for Africa's future middle class.

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Kelechi Nnana
Initiative for Advancing Livelihood Solutions (IALS), Nigeria

"With awamo I can easily coordinate and monitor the microfinance activities of my organization for all branches. I can also quickly generate reports."

Musa Shaban Sseggujja
Owner & Chairman of Kampala Civic Centre Beauticians SACCO, Kampala

"Due to our time savings with awamo MobileOffice, we won additional 200 clients in one month."

Emmanuel Okello
Farmer, Rushenyi

“Thanks to awamo my SACCO can give me a loan within 2 days instead of 2 weeks.”

James Kitenda
Member of the management board, KISEDEWA, Kiseni

“The mobile app helps me monitor daily activities from anywhere. Monthly charges are automatically deducted and my books balance.”

Mary Musumba
Market Vendor, Mbarara

“Since my MFI is using awamo they are giving me a loan at 5% per month instead of 8%. Now I can save for my children’s school fees.”

Tekla Kemei
Kerio Prestige Shuttle SACCO, Kenya

“awamo® 360 has been of great help to us. It has made work so easy, it has saved us significant time and money.”

Pius K. Ronoh
Caneland Discounting Services Ltd, Kenya

“We have hugely benefitted from awamo. We have our efficiency greatly enhanced, and our accounting now works easily and correctly.”