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Yesterday we received our “Germany – Land of Ideas” award from Uli Quaas (Land of Ideas) and Robert Kelm (Deutsche Bank AG). We already had been awarded back in June, but yesterday the official part happened. The award “ceremony” was embedded into our first advisory board and partner meeting, where some of our supporters and investors spoke about their motivation and experience of engaging with awamo. Therefore, our thanks go to our advisory board members, partners and investors – your ongoing support made this possible! Special thanks go to Dietrich Voigtländer (Berlin Digital Group), Peter Villa (SCHUFA) and Sébastien Martin (PROXIDEA).

About Land of Ideas
At www.ausgezeichnete-orte.de you can find more information on all awarded projects. More information on digitization in general is available at www.deutschland-vernetzt.de. With this award initiative “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” and Deutsche Bank want to increase the visibility of entrepreneurial creativity in Germany. Deutsche Bank has been partner of “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” from 2006.