awamo is a mobile, biometric banking platform and credit bureau for microfinance in Africa. awamo enables microfinance lenders (MFIs) to digitize their business operations with minimal cost and effort awamo 360 is user friendly, affordable and tailor made to the specific needs of MFIs. Our solution is designed for mobile use, features reliable biometric identification/authentication and completely digitizes Thus, awamo’s way of microcredit management fuels sustainable local economies and increases financial inclusion. The core features of awamo’s solution:
  • MOBILE: Microfinance business can be done anytime, anyplace with a robust device
  • SECURE: Biometric identification of clients protects client data and reduces fraud
  • CONVENIENT: Everything can be done easily
  • PROFITABLE: Credit defaults can save EUR 40 per loan on average, time for client registrations, loan applications etc. can go down by up to 80%
  • AFFORDABLE: awamo 360 does not require any further IT investments or staff
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Every aspect of microfinance business can be managed: Client registration and management, individual and group loan applications, loan disbursements and collections, savings accounts deposits and withdrawals, SACCO shares, accounting, reporting, portfolio & risk management)
awamo addresses many issues the microfinance sector is facing. To read more about stakeholder benefits click here.